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Sensory Messy Play Sessions

Sensory Messy Play Sessions

The first few months and years of your baby’s life are exciting, overwhelming, adventurous and exhausting! It’s also the most crucial period of time for your baby’s brain and body development.

Instead of worrying and wondering if you’re doing the ‘right things’ to help your baby, why not come and learn for sure with us; an experienced children’s physiotherapist (Bron) and specialist play worker (Tara).

Our sessions will help you discover the best way to help your baby to play, grow and learn. Physical, sensory and social development go hand in hand and we look at all of these areas in our classes.

Practical and informative, each session focuses on a different aspect of development, jam-packed with ideas for you to try, and hands-on practice so you feel calm and confident, not anxious and overwhelmed!

Each session is full of activities, including messy, play so please bring a towel and don’t wear your best clothes!

Sensory sessions are held at Physi Little Movers on Thursday mornings

£ 6,50 per session or pay £20 for 4

Plagiocephaly Solutions

Plagiocephaly Solutions

Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, aka flat head syndrome, is something that many parents are worried about. Unfortunately it’s also something that they often struggle to get help with.

There are things you can do and the more you understand about your options, the more confident you can be with preventing and/or treating flat head syndrome.

Plagiocephaly Solutions is where you can learn more and get support from me to explore and access both natural and helmet therapy options.

Individual Physiotherapy

Individual Physiotherapy

As a parent, you know your baby or child better than anyone. If you have any concerns about his or her development and want to know if physiotherapy can help, please ask!

Your local Children’s Centre may be able to help or you could contact me for a free, no obligation phone call.

While I am unable to offer specific therapy advice over the phone without actually assessing your baby or child (I would be failing in my duty of care if I did!), I will be able to tell you whether physiotherapy is likely to be beneficial or if a different professional would be more helpful. We can also chat through your options, so contact me and let me know your details so we can put your mind to rest as soon as possible.

Ways that Physiotherapy could help your child:

Help them to reach and achieve different stages of development e.g. tummy time, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking and getting in and out of positions
Influence muscle tone, posture and movement to make everyday activities easier
Stretch tight muscles and increase range of movement when needed e.g. torticollis, talipes, after fractures etc
Reduce and manage pain and fatigue
Increase balance, muscle power, strength, fitness and stamina
Improve your child’s confidence by helping them to identify their own goals and objectives, not only in therapy, but in general life as well
Educate relevant people in your life to know the best ways to help your child
Provide advice regarding the use and adjustment of specialist equipment such as standing frames, splints and seating
Include therapy exercises and activities into your normal, daily routine
Advise on suitable toys, equipment, school and play activities to enhance development
…Plus lots of other things, too!
Cerebral palsy, pre and post-SDR, Down’s syndrome, developmental delays, hydrocephalus, muscular dystrophy, hypermobility, etc. are just some of the conditions I can help with.

I am also available for medico-legal services and provide services to case-managed clients.

Weekly or intensive blocks available and sessions can be at your child’s home, school or the clinic in Llandarcy.

Fantastic goals and interventions.

I have recently used Bronwen to complete an EHCP assessment and report that will be used as evidence in our sons tribunal. Her knowledge, professionalism and commitment towards better care and clearer outcomes shines through everything she does and it’s given us fantastic goals and interventions that if they get agreed and implemented will not only improve the quality of my son’s life but help him go onto being more independent in his life. I would definitely recommend this motivated and inspiring women to anyone who is struggling with their children’s complex needs.

– Elise Louise Cameron

Whether you’re brand new to this exciting world of parenthood, or you’re looking for answers and support because your little one needs extra help, I am excited support you and your baby.

The first 5 years of your child’s life are vital to development and what you know and do, really does influence how your baby grows and learns.

I’m Bron Warner, mum to two little girls and I’m also a children’s physiotherapist. I’m guessing if you’ve landed here you have a gorgeous little person of your own too 🙂

Physi Little Movers and Plagiocephaly Solutions has been born out of my experience both as a new mum and also from my more than 17 years of working with parents and children as a physio. There have been SO many changes in the way that new babies are looked after (thanks to technology and social media to name a few) and the stress levels of new parents has risen significantly. There is so much pressure to ‘get it right’. And honestly, I think mummy guilt is an issue that needs some serious attention!

What is normal anyway?

Although I knew how to handle and play with my newborns from a physical perspective, there was so much more to being a mum that I just didn’t have a clue. And when number 2 came along things got even more complicated!

I know exactly what is missing from the health visitor visits, baby books and mums forums (who has time to read books anyway?!) and it’s all so simple. It’s my mission to help more new mums know exactly what their babies really need to help with their development and to make sure that they get the best start in life. Flat head syndrome and associated delays are completely avoidable and something new mums should not have to worry about.

That’s why I’ve created the 4 Week Baby Head Shape Bootcamp and why I run sensory messy play classes and education sessions all about happy tummy time, how to avoid flat head syndrome and how to play with your baby to help him grow and learn.

What about when things aren't quite right?

When that instinctive mama gut kicks in and you know there’s something going on with your little one? What do you do when no one listens? Or when you finally get someone to agree with you that something isn’t ‘right’? Who do you turn to then? I know how scary this can feel.

I have been privileged to work with many, many children with a variety of additional needs and I know how to help them even before there’s an ‘official diagnosis’. In fact, the earlier you and your baby get support, the better because there is so much potential for the brain and body to grow and change. Always trust your gut and if you have a worry, get some help and advice.

My down to earth and practical tendencies mean I work with you to help your child.

Not sure where to start?

PLEASE NOTE: The advice and information provided during Physi Little Movers classes and on this website are to be used alongside and in conjunction with, not instead of, any advice you have been given by any professionals including your GP, health visitor, physiotherapist etc. If concerns are raised during our sessions then we will discuss with you how to access additional assessment and support. Always make sure that your child is supervised throughout all activities and that any messy play activities are appropriate for your child. Please let us know if your child has any allergies and check all activities before doing them. You can see our full disclaimer plus T&C's and Privacy Policy here.