The first 5 years of your child’s development are so critical and yet these can often be the most confusing.

Never ending appointments, playgroups, physio stretches and exercises, sporting and leisure activities, equipment, orthotics, operations……not to mention every day life! Do you sometimes feel like finding the answers to your questions is more painful than pulling your own hair out?!

I’m running a free 5-day online physio ‘clinic’ next week. Think of it like having a physio in your pocket for a week with classes on the stuff that really makes a difference to your child. Plus, plenty of opportunity for Q’s & A’s.

Kicks off Monday 29 January. Sign up here

PS: I’ve been a paediatric physio for 16 years and have been lucky enough to work with hundreds of families in both private and NHS practice 😊


While I do speak a lot to the early years, I plan on covering the key principles of physio for children and what the important things for all parents to remember when it comes to supporting their child’s physical development. I also want to answer specific questions so if your child is older than 5 it’s still more than fab for you to join in  Also, doesn’t matter what type of CP your child has xx