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We are located at Physi Little Movers, Shaw Trust, Darcy Business Centre, Skewen, Neath, SA10 6EJ (just next to Screwfix).

Whether you’re brand new to this exciting world of parenthood, or you’re looking for answers and support because your little one needs extra help, I am excited support you and your baby.

The first 5 years of your child’s life are vital to development and what you know and do, really does influence how your baby grows and learns.

I’m Bron Warner, mum to two little girls and I’m also a children’s physiotherapist. I’m guessing if you’ve landed here you have a gorgeous little person of your own too 🙂

Physi Little Movers and Plagiocephaly Solutions has been born out of my experience both as a new mum and also from my more than 17 years of working with parents and children as a physio. There have been SO many changes in the way that new babies are looked after (thanks to technology and social media to name a few) and the stress levels of new parents has risen significantly. There is so much pressure to ‘get it right’. And honestly, I think mummy guilt is an issue that needs some serious attention!

What is normal anyway?

Although I knew how to handle and play with my newborns from a physical perspective, there was so much more to being a mum that I just didn’t have a clue. And when number 2 came along things got even more complicated!

I know exactly what is missing from the health visitor visits, baby books and mums forums (who has time to read books anyway?!) and it’s all so simple. It’s my mission to help more new mums know exactly what their babies really need to help with their development and to make sure that they get the best start in life. Flat head syndrome and associated delays are completely avoidable and something new mums should not have to worry about.

That’s why I’ve created the 4 Week Baby Head Shape Bootcamp and why I run sensory messy play classes and education sessions all about happy tummy time, how to avoid flat head syndrome and how to play with your baby to help him grow and learn.

What about when things aren't quite right?

When that instinctive mama gut kicks in and you know there’s something going on with your little one? What do you do when no one listens? Or when you finally get someone to agree with you that something isn’t ‘right’? Who do you turn to then? I know how scary this can feel.

I have been privileged to work with many, many children with a variety of additional needs and I know how to help them even before there’s an ‘official diagnosis’. In fact, the earlier you and your baby get support, the better because there is so much potential for the brain and body to grow and change. Always trust your gut and if you have a worry, get some help and advice.

My down to earth and practical tendencies mean I work with you to help your child.

Not sure where to start?

PLEASE NOTE: The advice and information provided during Physi Little Movers classes and on this website are to be used alongside and in conjunction with, not instead of, any advice you have been given by any professionals including your GP, health visitor, physiotherapist etc. If concerns are raised during our sessions then we will discuss with you how to access additional assessment and support. Always make sure that your child is supervised throughout all activities and that any messy play activities are appropriate for your child. Please let us know if your child has any allergies and check all activities before doing them. You can see our full disclaimer plus T&C's and Privacy Policy here.